Feb 16, 2009

21st Century Breakdown Song Lyrics by Green Day

21st Century Breakdown Song Lyrics by Green Day

The title track from the new Green Day album. Produced by Butch Vig of Garbage drums and Nirvana
production fame, 21st Century Breakdown, and according to Rolling Stone:

21st Century Breakdown"kicks into a familiar Green Day three-chord blast, but morphs into multiple movements like some of the more rock-opera-heavy numbers on American Idiot. “My generation is zero, I never made it as a working class hero,” Armstrong sings, making a reference to the John Lennon track the band covered in 2007 for a John Lennon tribute album. Still in a grumpy mood afterAmerican Idiot then...

Born into Nixon, I was raised in hell.
A welfare child where the teamsters dwelled.
The last one born, the first one to run,
My dad/town was blind by refinery sun.

My generation is zero.
I never made it as a working class hero
21st century breakdown
I once was lost but never was found.
I think I'm losing what's left of my mind.
to the 20th century deadline.

I was made of poison and blood.
Condemnation is what I understood
From Mexico to the Berlin Wall
Homeland security could kill us all.

My generation is zero.
I never made it as a working class hero.
21st century breakdown,
I once was lost but never was found.
I think I'm losing what's left of my mind.
to the 20th century deadline.

We are the cries of the class of 13
born in the era of humility
we are the desperate in the decline
raised by the bastards of 1969!!!

My name is no one, your long lost son
Born on the 4th of July
raising the bygones of heroes and cons
left me for dead or alive

There is the war that's inside my head
that questions the results and lies
While breaking my back til I'm damn near well dead
When enough ain't enough to survive.

I am an agent, a worker, a pawn
my debt to the status quo
the scars on my hands are a means to an end
it's all that I have to show

I'm taking a loan on my sanity
for the redemption of my soul
well I am exempt from this tragedy
and the 21st century fall

Praise, Liberty
the freedom to obey
it's a song that strangles me
well, don't cross the line

Oh, dream American dream
I can't even sleep/see
from brainstorms/rainstorms til dawn
Oh, bleed America bleed
believe what you read
from heroes and cons.

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  1. Aren't the lyrics 'scream, america, scream' in there somewhere?

  2. They probably changed it, because I dont hear it either

  3. its barnyrads not bygones what the heck fix it!!!!!!!

  4. all perfect......
    I love green day
    green day=sexy mans
    my hanny Billie I love you very much my dear
    green day stay fucking it.......
    by penelope ch.........

  5. wow nikos, they would never be interested in that lose fat poony of yours..

    Green Day Rules though

    All your day are belong to us!

  6. Give me Pussy or give me death!

  7. My TOWN was blind by refinery sun...
    my name is no one THE long lost son...
    raising the BYGONES or hearoes and cons...
    breaking my back till i'm better off dead....
    DREAM america DREAM, they got it right...
    I can't even SLEEP....
    from RAINSTORMS till dawn...

    A few of the corrextions i wrote down were to some of the comments left. Just clearing up a few things. bygone means one in grief...look it up. it's not barnyard haha and it's always been dream america dream. BTW theres a really stupid add on my page that says who's better Jonas Brothers or Green Day? duh the Jo Bros definitly try to copy Green Day and they suck at it, so burn in a bad place Jo Bros haha

  8. wow messed up one thing...
    raising the BYGONES of heroes and cons...sry bout that

  9. lyrics on official domain

  10. i've got whole album songs (320 kbps)... check out my blog..enjoy...btw thnx for lyrics..

  11. "From Mexico to the Berlin Wall" This part is the song Billie said something about VideoGames...

  12. "I was made of poison and blood
    Condemnation is what I understood
    Videogames to the towrer's fall
    Homeland security could kill us all"

  13. You know they have the lyrics in the cover booklet? I have it and you were write it is scream. but instead of bleed not dream. and its not bygones or barnyards its "raised in an era of heroes and cons" and the verse after that comes out of nowhere its not even in the song and the rest is just really messed up, i suggest whoever wrote this listen again its really off. here is a link to the real lyrics

  14. isnt it the lyrics at the ending "oh, scream america scream believe what you see from heroes and cons" ?

  15. I heard absolutly nothing about video games... "From Mexico to the Berlin Wall" sounds correct.

  16. There are two versions to the song. One starts with an acoustic guitar playing D then A. Then this one that starts with a piano.
    The guitar beggining is on the album and had lyrics changed.

  17. the song on the original album says:
    "videogames of the towers' fall,
    homeland security could kill us all..."

    has there been any kind of controversy about their lyrics and so they made them change them?

  18. these lyrics are completely wrong. and theres whole verses missing

  19. The "Mexico to the Berlin Wall" lyrics and what-have-you are from a demo of the song, I think. Anybody know where to find this, or if they've played it live?

  20. In fact there are two versions of this song. I have both copies and as I was listining to it, I checked these lyrics and they seem to be correct. Nothing wrong with this version. This is the Piano version and seems to be 100% accurate.