Feb 12, 2009

Green Day's 21st Century Breakdown album cover

Green Day's 21st Century Breakdown album cover

21st century breakdown greenday album cover

The long awaited Green Day album is to be released in May. 21st Century Breakdown's song structure into three chapters, Heroes and Cons, Charlatans and Saints, and Horseshoes and Handgrenades.

The album cover was inspired by the artist, Sixten. Talking about the inspiration for the picture of the couple kissing Sixten has said:

"I actually don't know who they are... they [the couple] were just friends of a friend at a party in Eskilstuna, Sweden, sometime in uh... 2000? Something like that. I wasn't even there." Instead the artist explained a mutual friend snapped a picture of the pair kissing, which then inspired Sixten. "I love their passion, and just had to make a stencil out of it to spread the love,"
Check out Sixten's Blog which explains in better detail.
Someone in the Green Day camp then produced the album cover. (when I figure out who I'll give credit!)

21st Century Breakdown will be Green Day's 8th Studio album and the follow up to the mega selling American Idiot.

Check out the lyrics to Fuck Time or Kill the DJ from Greenday's Uno album.


  1. ...the cover is not made by me, it was "inspired" by my work... and I'm not Australian.

  2. Thanks Sixten, will make the correct reference!

  3. Check out the original broadway poster for the play "The Lieutenant of Inismore" and maybe some of the other productions as well. Very similar.