Apr 10, 2009

Green Day Show Set List DNA Lounge

Green Day Show Set List DNA Lounge, San Fancisco, California

The follow up night to their shown at The Independent, Green Day appeared to intend to play a near identical set, dropping Welcome to Paradise:

green day concert set list

Here's the intended set list:

“Welcome to Paradise”
“21st Century Breakdown”
“Know Your Enemy”
“Christian’s Inferno”
“All My Love”
“East Jesus Nowhere”
“Peace Maker”
“Little Girl”
“Restless Heart”
“21 Guns”
“American Eulogy”
“See the Light”
“American Idiot”
“St. Jimmy”
“2000 Light Years Away”
“Going to Pasalacqua”
“Who Wrote Holden Caulfield”
“Stuck with Me”
“King for a Day”

However, according the person who put the pix on flikr, A couple of songs into the second half, Billie Joe ripped up the set list as if to say he was liberated of it. Green Day apparently then played the following songs:

American Idiot
Jesus Of Suburbia
St. Jimmy
Give Me Novocaine
Coming Clean
The Grouch 
Stuck With Me
Blood, Sex & Booze
Worry Rock
Basket Case
Going To Pasalacqua (Davey Havok guest vocal)
King For A Day

Either way you get the gist of Green Day's Set List


  1. Cant WAIT!
    Green day in 9 days!! :D:D
    i cant believe i got a ticket
    they sold out in 12 minutes!
    cant wait to see them
    greenday fan ever since i was 8 and im 15 now :P

  2. Hello, I wanted to know if you sold this setlist ?

  3. Hello, im a huge Green Day fan and i wuz wondering if you no wen there tours ganna begin this year 2010...but in boston,masfeild...some where in massecusettes..plz...thx

  4. going to see them in 5 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!im making shoes right now with christian on them