Apr 12, 2009

'Murder City' song lyrics by Green Day

'Murder City' song lyrics by Green Day

'Murder City' song lyrics by Green Day

Murder City is from Green Day's album, 21st Century Breakdown and is the follow up to their phenomenal American Idiot

Possibly a song about the infamous 'Battle for Seattle' - the reference to Christian means the song could be a commentary on the supposed downfall of society and how religion has both caused and failed to help the failing society and yes, we understand that Christian is a character that flows through the album.

Murder City Lyrics:

But not hopeless
I feel so useless
In the murder city
But not helpless
The clock strikes midnight
In the murder city

I'm wide awake
After the riot
This demonstration
Of our anguish
This empty laughter
Has no reason
Like a bottle
Of your favorite poison

We are the last call
And we're so pathetic

Christian's crying
In the bathroom
And I just want to
Bum a cigarette
We've come so far,
We've been so wasted
It's written

All over our faces


  1. This song is great on Youtube Can't wait for the Album Version

  2. crackin song totally mind blowing

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  4. This is probably the hardest rock on the album and its not facemelting (for example purple haze) but definitely interesting guitar and pretty good lyrics, very catchy!

  5. they're going back to the star!!i love this sound!!!!

  6. good album not as good as american idiot tho, nothing will ever be

  7. i think it's way better than american idiot. American idiot had some awesome songs that are not topped, but this album is more consistently good imho

  8. im slowly getting to like it.....i think its like the american idiot.....1st time i heard it was like wtf....but after a while it sticks on ur head n gets catcy.....they are some songs that we have great 1st impressions...but as for green day, i feel that the more we hear it, the more we like it..

    1 vote for murder city!

  9. this is a MAJOR improvement. American Idiot SUCKED, and I am a DIE HARD GD fan, so i know all their stuff. this is one of their best albums right here =)

  10. I too prefer this album to American Idiot. AI was an album of extreme highs and extreme lows. I like pretty much every song on this album aside from know your enemy and horse shoes and hand grenades.

    Anyway this is a very high point in a great album, I love the lyrics... they remind me of Final Fantasy X in a weird way. O_o