Apr 12, 2009

Song of the Century song lyrics by Green Day

Song of the Century song lyrics by Green Day

Song of the Century song lyrics by the awesomeness that is Green Day

The first track off the album, it's a gentle introduction to some of the themes that are about to be explored by Billie-Joe. If you didn't know already, the album is based on the concept of religion failing people, about how the central tenants of it have been lost and religion is now an excuse to exact power over people and treat others poorly. The song's meaning is saying to the listener, hey, here's an issue, everybody is singing about it, I'm going to, but you might not like this story.

Song of the Century lyrics

Sing us a song of the century
That's louder than bombs
And eternity
The era of static and contraband
That's leading us to the promised land
Tell us a story that's by candlelight
Waging a war and losing the fight

They're playing the song of the century
Of panic and promise and prosperity
Tell me a story into that goodnight
Sing us a song for me

The' Sing us a song' lyric is very reminds me of Billy Joel's Piano Man. What do you think?

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  1. linkin park rocks

  2. sorry green day rocks

  3. how about we compromise and say the both totally roc!

  4. I love them both :-)

  5. are you saying this sounds anything like linkin park.. or was that a mistake? that would be Hilarious!

  6. I am IchigoRockerGirl. Green Day rules and thats the end of it. Got that? Good. Now who's going to hear them play August 3. Haha.

  7. Linkin Park rocks.
    Green Day rocks.
    I love them both so don't argue cause they'r both great bands.

  8. I guess you might like that: