Jun 22, 2012

99 Revolutions lyrics by Green Day

99 Revolutions lyrics by Green Day

From Greenday's album Tre.

The lyrics to 99 Revolutions feature the Occupy-protest references. Billie Joe appears to have some sypathies for the protest movement but as a 1 percenter himself he said to Rolling Stone Magazine's David Fricke, "I feel like a 99, but technically I'm a 1. 

You know, it was an easy song to write. I know that's where I come from – the 99 – even though I can afford for my kids to go to a good college." So basically Billie Joe having his cake and eating it too - which makes it hard to take a group of rich men singing about revolution seriously...


There’s trouble in the air
A rumble in the streets
A goin’ out business sale
In a race to bankruptcy

It’s not 1 to 99
It’s 99 to 1
A common cause and a call to arms
For the health of our daughters and our sons

It’s 99 revolutions tonight

There’s a rat in the company
A bail out on easy street
How the fuck did the working stiff
Become so obsolete?

Hit the lights and bang the drum
And let your flag unfold
‘Cause history will prove itself
In the halls of justice and lost souls

It’s 99 revolutions tonight

We live in troubled times
From the ghetto to an empty suburban home
We live in troubled times
And I’m 99% sure that something’s wrong
It’s all wrong

It’s 99 revolutions tonight

It’s 9, 9 to 1
To one

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  1. Oh so sick of this 99 percent bullshit! Capitalism is not the problem. It's people expecting too much of govt and being ignorant of economic realities.

    1. you are the problem.

    2. So you agree, capitalism is not the problem then.

  2. Hey man, his name is Billie Joe, not Billy Joe.

  3. I like this song :D